I Found my Dress

Hello everyone!

Yes, I found my wedding dress!

Today, I’m full of excitement and joy because I’ll share with you how that special day went, the day I picked the dress.

Last January my amazing mother and sister-in-law, Damaris and Joann, were on vacation here in Orlando, FL. The evenings that Joann and I shared together, we spent most of the time looking for wedding dresses on Pinterest, we spent hours just staring at pictures of beautiful gowns. It was then that Damaris and Keila suggested making an appointment at David’s Bridal just to “see” and try on some dresses. That way I could have better idea of what styles suited me the best.

Two or three days before the appointment, I was in the situation of “do I or do I not bring my dad to the appointment”. My dad was excited to go and see me try on some dresses and his main argument was that I was going to need a “male’s perspective” and opinion on how the dresses looked on me. But, when six women are against you, you had no choice but to do whatever they say to do, so may dad din’t go to the appointment (sorry dad). I want that his desire and excitement of seeing me in my wedding dress, is intact until the big day.

On the afternoon of Sunday January 3, I was on my appointment at Davids’s with an awesome group of ladies, including my stepmom Keila, my aunt and godmother Margie, my cousin Amanda, Damaris, Joann, and two of my little sisters Vianca and Yeiliana. Also, my aunt Ani and cousins Monica and Andrea, accompanied me from Puerto Rico thanks to Face Time.

It was a cold and rainy afternoon and we had to run under the rain from the parking lot to the store. Once inside the store, I was stunned and amazed by so many beautiful and gorgeous gowns around me. Keila reminded me “Melanie we’re just going to see, we’re not going to buy” (yeah right). While we waited to be called by the consultant,we walked around the store and started looking for dresses to try on.


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I must say that I was very happy and excited, but I also felt a little sad because two super important women in my life, my mom and my sister Emily, couldn’t be there because of the distance that separates us.

When they finally called my name, we went to the room I was called to and there I got to chose some dresses to try  on. And the best part began!


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My consultant was very sweet and friendly. In the dressing room, she asked questions to try to learn a little more about me. She also asked if that was my first visit to a a wedding dress shop and it was indeed. She told me: “I’ve never had a bride-to-be who has left the store empty-handed”. I think she was right. It took only two dresses to find the one who made my entourage cry. However, I had no room for tears, I was so happy, excited and… happy! I couldn’t stop looking at myself. I walked several times along the corridor and the nearby brides-to-be who were at their respective appointments, were complementing me and telling me how beautiful I looked in that dress. That dress made me feel like a bride. Now I have to say, at that time I wished my dad was there so I could’ve listen to a man’s opinion.

The whole purpose of this appointment was to “see” dresses; however, that dress was so perfect for me, it screamed Melanie, that Keila could not resist and said “if you want it, I’ll buy it”. Oh yes I want it!

So, I told my consultant that we would buy the dress. She smiled and gave me a bell to ring, for that is the tradition at David’s when you find your dress. Everyone in the store was clapping and my consultant whispered “told you no one has left empty-handed”.


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When we went to pay, the girl at the register tells us that that dress was no longer being made and that was the last one remaining  at the store. For that reason, she put the dress in a big dress bag and told me that it was all mine to take home. That dress was meant to be, It was waiting for me. When we left the store I could not believe that my wedding dress was in the trunk of my car, unbelievable.

Now we had to tell dad that we had bought my wedding dress, so to “prepare” him for the news, we called him and invite him to eat dinner with us at a restaurant. When we got to the restaurant, we were all talking about how well the appointment went, the tons of dresses we saw, and how many I tried on, but nobody dared to say what really happened. Best of all was that at one point, everyone was silent and someone shouted, “Melanie has something to tell you”. Oh great. So I gave him the news, and his reaction was simply, “WHAAAT” with his eyes wide open. Everyone at the table started laughing, including him.

For the next few nights I couldn’t sleep very well because everything I did was see the pictures on my phone, of me wearing the dress, and think if Juomar would love it as much as I do. My dress is now safely stored in my godmother’s house and every time I visit her on Sundays, I go to the room where my dress is, open the bag to see it, and I always get butterflies in my stomach.

Thanks for reading!

With lots of love,image1 (2)