The Engagement Story {English}

Hi there! I am so happy and excited to share with you this beautiful story. For all those who wondered how Juomar proposed to me, here I’ll tell you everything.

And all started like this … March 29, 2015, I received a phone call from Juomar, at 8:00 am (which woke me up). When I answered, Juomar said  very excited, “wake up! We’re gonna go canoeing today “(something I have always wanted to do) and all I remember saying back was “five more minutes please”. Anyways, Juomar came to pick me up, we had breakfast and drank a good cup coffee. We were heading to the beautiful Wekiva Springs State Park. Once in the park, we rented a canoe and went quickly to the lake, we were super excited about this new experience. The day could not have been more perfect. It was a cold morning and the sky was completely blue, there was not a single cloud. The moment that we sat in the canoe and started rowing, I discovered that communication in critical times, is really more complicated than it seems; while I was fighting with my paddle trying to row the canoe in a certain direction, Juomar was trying to make me understand that I was doing it wrong, but I didn’t wanted to listen, so we crashed with a palm tree and our canoe almost turned backwards. We could not stop laughing. On the other hand, I learned that when you see an alligator swimming five feet away from your canoe, the best thing to say is “Juomar… don’t be afraid… but if you look to your left, there is a CROCODILE” and then you’ll be scared, but laughing at the same time  by his reaction: “Oh my God! don’t come closer, don’t come closer, Oh my God! Oh my God! …” It was hilarious. Now, besides from our friend the alligator, we had spectacular time. At about 3:00 pm we left the park and Juomar took me back home. For me, it was the end of the day with him. But it really wasn’t.

When I went to my room, the beautiful dress that you have probably seen in our pictures, was laying in my bed with rose petals around it. Five seconds after getting into my room, I received a text message form Juomar, saying: “the day is not over yet. Be ready at 5:00 pm. You’ve always wanted to go to a fancy restaurant, tonight we’re going. I know you’ll be beautiful, as always. I love you”.


At that point, my reaction was to cry and hug Nala (my dog). At five o’clock,  Juomar was already at the door waiting for me. He rang the door bell, and when I opened door, I couldn’t helped looking at him with an astonishment face, because for me is very unusual to see Juomar  wearing a suit. To be honest, that was the first time I have ever seen Juomar wearing a suit. While we were on our way to this supposedly fancy restaurant, Juomar intentionally “forgot” how to get there, he got “lost” intentionally, because Keila and my dad, who were decorating the place where Juomar was really taking me, were fighting with the wind, and the balloons, and all of the decoration. While we were “lost” looking for “the restaurant”, we passed by a beautiful field that caught my attention, because it was all covered in this tall-brown-dried up grass. I was so in love with that place, that I told Juomar “let me take a picture of this field so I can send it to Keila, she has always wanted to take some pictures in a field like that one”.Juomar replied “Ok, let’s get out of the car and I’ll take picture of you too”. What I didn’t knew was that, that beautiful place, was where Juomar had it all planned.

Juomar parked the car, we got out and started walking trough the field. I then realized that there was a small picnic, decorated with flowers, pictures of us, balloons… it was just gorgeous. Then, Juomar said  “this is our restaurant, if you open the basket you’ll find our food” When I opened the basket, there was no food, but a little silver box. He then leaned forward to take the little box, and at that moment, my mind just froze. I knew what was about to happen. I knew I was going to get asked the question that every girlfriend wants their boyfriend to ask. I saw everything in slow motion, as he smiled with the box in his hands, and at the same time he knelt … Oh God. My heart was beating so fast I just felt like floating in the air, and he just looked so happy.

Then he asked: “Melanie … Will You Marry Me?”. A sea of happiness inside me. “Yeeeeeesssss!”. The most beautiful and exciting moment that I have ever lived. A moment that was so sincere, honest, filled with love and so genuinely happy. I immediately hugged him, but only for a few seconds, because then, I heard the voices of little girls screaming, when I looked back, my sisters Vianca and Yeiliana, my cousin Amanda, and my amazing step-mom and dad were running towards us. That made my heart overflow with happiness and I could not stop the tears from coming out. After all the hugs and tears of happiness, we just enjoyed the moment.

We ended the evening with a delicious dinner at Long Horn. I can only end this by saying that God has blessed me with such an amazing family and extraordinary boyfriend, now fiancè. God’s plans are just perfect, it only remains for us to wait in His time and to be obedient to His word. Our story does not end here, this is just the beginning. I hope you were able to be transmitted, in some way or another, the love, joy, and happiness that I experienced that day. And of course, I hope that you have enjoyed reading my words.

With love,

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